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No More Colored Bathrooms: 2017 Oscar Best Picture Nominees, Part One

In the spirit of the 2017 Oscar nominee announcements last week, I'll be watching the Best Picture nominees over the next few weeks leading up the ceremony. Also, I got some personal complaints that my posts were too long, so... Continue Reading →


Week #3: Keeping Up with the Joneses

During my childhood, I missed what now seems like a cinematic rite of passage: watching the Indiana Jones trilogy. My family had the VHS tapes, but I think my parents deemed them too violent or something. I vaguely remember watching... Continue Reading →

Week #2: He Who Saves One Life Saves the World Entire

This week was all about saving lives, whether it's one life or a thousand lives. I started this week off with The Intouchables, moved on to Life is Beautiful (La vita é bella) and finished with Schindler's List. Needless to say... Continue Reading →

Week #1: The Master of Suspense

My first week really happened by accident. I was planning on starting this journey by watching Schindler's List, which I thought would be a pretty epic beginning. What ended up happening was I came home from work, was way too... Continue Reading →

To start off…

I spent three years working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as a security guard, and during my time there, I became friends with another guard. However, he constantly berated me about my lack of education regarding... Continue Reading →

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