I spent three years working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as a security guard, and during my time there, I became friends with another guard. However, he constantly berated me about my lack of education regarding movies. Now, I’ve seen plenty of movies but, as my friend pointed out, I haven’t seen many of the classics. Even while I would argue with him, I began to realize that he was right: I haven’t seen nearly enough of the classic movies that I should have seen as someone who is a self-proclaimed cinephile. So, as my New Years resolution, I want to rectify this by watching at least three movies a week, three movies that I’ve never seen before that I should have. 

Using a movie recommendation site called MovieLens (which I highly recommend), I’ve compiled a huge list of movies that I’ve never seen. Some of them are big movies (Schindler’s List, The Godfather, etc.), while some of them are critically acclaimed foreign films; some of them are neither, just movies that looked like fun. After the first week, I’ll be going off my list.

I’m not a movie expert, I just love movies, so this blog is mostly just going to be me musing about the films. Every Monday, I’ll post about the previous week’s movies. 

Happy reading!